Salisbury Big Band Concert

7pm Saturday 30th March

Join the Celebration:

Experience the magic of the Salisbury Big Band live at their upcoming performance at 7pm on Saturday 30th March.

Salisbury Big Band: Two Decades of Musical Excellence

For over two decades, the Salisbury Big Band has delighted audiences with their exceptional performances, embracing a diverse array of musical styles and influences. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for engaging audiences, they continue to captivate and inspire music lovers across the region. Renowned for their captivating performances that traverse genres, the band's roots in Glen Miller swing have evolved to encompass a rich tapestry of new, original, and contemporary jazz compositions, delighting audiences of all tastes.

Versatility and Brilliance:

From their beginnings steeped in swing to embracing a diverse repertoire of global influences, the Salisbury Big Band stands as a testament to versatility and excellence. Their dedication to delivering high-caliber performances spans an extensive range of composers, arrangers, and musical styles, ensuring a captivating experience for jazz enthusiasts.

Featuring Vocalist Jayne Deer:

Adding a touch of sheer brilliance is vocalist Jayne Deer, a London Academy of Performing Arts alumna. Her magnetic stage presence and dynamic vocal range consistently draw sizeable crowds across the South, enchanting audiences at prestigious clubs, festivals, music venues, and theatres with each performance.

A Musical Journey for Everyone:

From the "soft and sultry" to the infectious rhythms that compel you to "get on your feet and dance," the Salisbury Big Band promises a musical odyssey that resonates with every listener. Whether a seasoned jazz aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, the band's electrifying sets guarantee to infuse joy and rhythm into your soul.