The Jon Egging Trust

The Army Flying Museum is proud to be working with The Jon Egging Trust and will be supporting their flagship youth engagement programme, Blue Skies.

Blue Skies is a three year STEM-inspired syllabus which provides young people, aged 11+, who face barriers to learning, with long-term support and access to inspirational teams and individuals to boost confidence, academic engagement, aspiration and work-readiness.

The Jon Egging Trust support vulnerable and under-confident young people who are struggling to engage at school. They work with students for up to three years, supporting them to build aspiration and self-belief, and to reengage with learning and maximise their potential.

Their long-term Blue Skies programmes support students to build vital social and emotional learning skills (SEL) including teamwork, leadership and communication, in order that they reengage with education and strive for positive futures. 

The Jon Egging Trust focuses on students facing adversity and living in areas of multiple deprivation, and currently operates in partnership with schools across fourteen counties of England and Wales. 

The Jon Egging Trust's in-house youth team supports students to develop confidence, self-worth and vital employability skills. They also harness the power of world-class STEM environments and the professional role models within them to allow students to broaden their horizons and build positive career aspirations.   

Potential is everywhere, but opportunity is not. The Trust strenuously believe that young people’s futures should never be limited by postcode or adverse childhood experience.    

About Jon Egging: Flt Lt Jon Egging was a Red Arrows pilot who tragically lost his life in a flying accident following the Bournemouth Air Festival in 2011. The Jon Egging Trust realises Jon's dream of inspiring young people through his love of aviation, STEM, teamwork and leadership, helping them to overcome adversity, identify their strengths and work towards their dreams. 

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