Our Mission – what we do at the Army Flying Museum:

‘We tell the story of Army Flying’

Our Strategy should be designed to take us from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. Determining strategy therefore requires us to define where we want to be in the future (our Vision). 

Our Strapline is:

We will ensure that we

‘Engage, inspire and entertain a generation through the story of Army Flying’.

Our Vision is:

‘To be an entertaining, engaging, inspiring and viable museum, telling the story of Army Flying, that is admired for first class conservation, interpretation, access, learning and research, all supported by a highly motivated team.’


This statement contains a number of key elements including

  • ‘entertaining’ – our visitors must have a good time when they visit
  • ‘inspiring’ – we want our visitors to be inspired
  • ‘viable’ – financially resilient
  • ‘telling the story of Army flying’ – this is our rationale and makes us distinctive from other military museums
  • admired for
    • ‘first class conservation’ – we must properly husband and preserve our heritage
    • ‘interpretation’ - our collection must be imaginatively presented
    • ‘access’ – our collection and services must be accessible to all
    • ‘learning’ - a prime role of museums
    • ‘research’ - we must provide proper research facilities and be a centre of expertise
    • ‘highly motivated team’ – possibly our greatest asset – they need to be properly managed and guided.

Our Values are:

  • Enterprising
  • Determined
  • Open
  • Inclusive

These values guide our work and our conduct as trustees and employees of the Army Flying Museum.