Daytime Talk with James Daly

Airborne Operations from D-Day to Arnhem

10am Friday 2nd August

In the film, 'A Bridge Too Far', Dirk Bogarde’s Lieutenant General ‘Boy’ Browning refers to a large number of cancelled operations since D-Day. What were these operations? Why do we know so little about them? And what can they tell us about Allied airborne planning, and the way that the allies fought, in 1944? Join us to hear some of the answers by JAMES DALY, a historian and Museum curator from The D-Day Story in Portsmouth. James was inspired to write a series of books on airborne operations by the experiences of his grandfather, who fought at Arnhem with the 11th Battalion Parachute Regiment. He has also lectured to a wide range of audiences and appeared on podcasts such as, 'We Have Ways of Making you Talk' with Al Murray and James Holland.

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