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The Museum Library and Archive holds a unique collection of published volumes covering all aspects of Army flying including early aviation, the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Artillery Air Observation Post Squadrons, the Glider Pilot Regiment and the modern Army Air Corps. The Museum Archive is a rich source of original documents of historical, personal and technical interest. It contains personal and official papers, flying log books, pilots’ notes, manuals and a large collection of photographs and slides. The Archive also maintains a personnel database for individuals who served with the Glider Pilot Regiment and the Royal Artillery Air Observation Post Squadrons.

 Army Flying Museum Enquiry Service

The Archive team of the museum offers an enquiry service for anyone requesting information from the museum collection. Due to the high volume of requests and the amount of time required to answer questions to the best of our abilities, we are forced to charge a research fee of £25 per enquiry.

Before contacting us with your enquiry, please take a moment to read these enquiry guidelines

(*Published materials are exempt from these regulations)


Data Protection Act and enquiries

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the following regulations apply to our research service:


Enquiries after named persons

In accordance with the Data Protection Act we only supply non-published information on specific individuals to the person in question, 84 years after the document/photograph/etc. was created or after the death of that individual.

In case of a request regarding a deceased person, the museum may require Next of Kin to sign documentation declaring themselves as such, or other individuals to provide information that the person has died.

Sensitive personal information will only be provided to the person in question or their Next of Kin.

Access to personal information can also be granted by providing the museum with a written letter of approval from the specific individual themselves. (In accordance with the Data Protection Act we assume a person’s lifespan to be 100 years if no accurate information is available. Without information on a person’s age we assume a person to be 16 years of age in a given document or photograph when appearing as an adult or 0 if a child. Therefore without further information provided by the enquirer we assume a person is 16 at the time of the creation of the document with a lifespan of 100 years. We thus only provide items 84 years after the creation of the document or photograph for non-NoK.)


General historical enquiries

We acknowledge that personal data will be used in general historical research and that in engaging in such research it might be impossible to separate the personal information from the general. Therefore we allow historical researchers to access our records under the provision that they sign a written declaration promising not to collect personal data unless covered under the named persons regulation as outlined above.

The collection of data is also allowed in the pursuit of historical research as long as individuals are made unrecognisable in the final result. (With the exceptions as outlined under the names persons regulations above.)

Sensitive material

Sensitive personal information including medical, disciplinary and grievance subjects are only accessible to the person in question or their next of kin. This provision does not expire over time.


Use of Museum documents and other archive material

The museum endeavours to answer your enquiry to the best of our abilities. This includes providing you with as much detailed information and scans of original documents as possible. Photographs that we provide are intended to be used privately only unless specifically stated in correspondence. They are not to be published digitally on social media or in hard copy without consent from the Museum. By engaging our research service you agree to these provisions.



The Archives are all kept within the museum building and research enquiries and visits of all types are welcomed. However prior notice of a visit is essential so that a date/time for visiting can be agreed and the required material obtained in advance of arrival. This is best arranged and discussed with the Archivist on or 01264 781086.

Click here to download the Declaration of Historical Research

Click here to download the Declaration of Next of Kin