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Welcome to the Army Flying Museum Archive!

The Museum Archive holds a unique collection of published volumes covering all aspects of Army aviation including early aviation, the Royal Flying Corps, the Air Observation Post Squadrons, the Glider Pilot Regiment and the modern Army Air Corps. Our Archive is a rich source of original documents of historical, personal, and technical interest. It contains personal and official papers, flying log books, pilots’ notes, manuals, and a large collection of photographs and slides. As part of our catalogues, we also maintain a personnel database for individuals who served with the Glider Pilot Regiment and the Royal Artillery Air Observation Post Squadrons.

The Army Flying Museum Archive, from L to R: A page from Lt F.J. Hopgood's War Diary, a RFC album which belonged to 2/Lt J.W. Richards, documents belonging to F/O Hubert A. Fowler, and the Archivist hard at work.