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Test Pilot

Having wanted to be a pilot for as long as he can remember, Chris Taylor gained his private pilot’s licence at the age of seventeen.  He joined the Royal Navy whilst studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering and, after serving as a Navigation Officer on numerous ships, went onto to operate Wasp and Lynx helicopters, flying in all weathers from frigates deployed worldwide. After five years instructing he became a Test Pilot and flew all manner of experimental aircraft for research and development purposes before returning to the Empire Test Pilot’s School as a Tutor.  Having served at Boscombe Down for ten years he joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority as an aeroplane and rotorcraft test pilot.  With the closure of the CAA’s Flight Test Department he formed Dovetail Aviation Ltd and has continued to test fly a wide variety of aircraft ever since.

Chris has flown four hundred different kinds of aircraft, is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and is a licensed Category 1 Test Pilot and Flight Test Instructor for both aeroplanes and helicopters, which arguably makes him one of the best qualified and most widely experienced test pilots working today.  Additionally he finds time to be a Helicopter Examiner and Instructor for helicopters, aeroplanes and autogyros.

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