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Manna From Heaven

The story of air resupply


The advent of large-scale airborne forces in the 1940s spurred the development of air resupply on a scale never previously imagined.  Sustaining a force of some 15,000 airborne soldiers many miles behind the front lines, so they were able to carry on fighting effectively, required a huge amount of equipment, planning, and logistics. With limited previous experience the British combined the best efforts of the technicians, the Royal Air Force, and the Army to quickly develop the equipment, the techniques, and the training to be able to sustain large airborne units in varied operational battlefields.

Using creative graphics, photos, and video clips, Tony Bray will show how this rapid development took place, enabling airborne operations to contribute so successfully to victory. Buy an online pass to find out more and watch some recently recorded interviews with past and serving Air Despatch soldiers describing their experiences of working in this demanding and constantly-changing environment.

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