The story of the British Army of the Rhine is inseparable from the forty-six-year long narrative of the Cold War. Generations of British service personnel served alongside our NATO allies, facing the massed forces of the Soviet Union, and the Warsaw Pact across the North German Plain. The prospect of the cold war turning hot was a grim one. 

Mike Peters was posted to BAOR in 1981, arriving at 664 Squadron AAC in Minden as an Air Trooper fresh from training at Middle Wallop. The Cold War was still very much real, but like so many of the young soldiers that made up the AAC regiments in Germany, he quickly found out that there was lighter side to defending democracy from Soviet aggression. Daily life was not all damp woods and crash outs in the night. 

Watch this Lockdown Lecture for a fascinating insight into what life was like in the BAOR of the eighties and as a Ground Crewman in Germany.

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