Lockdown Lecture

Double Agents & Double Crosses

Spies in History, Fact & Fiction

Watch the archived lecture and recorded Q&A.

Paul Beaver takes a look at the phenomenal success of British counter-espionage operations in  the Second World War which completely neutralised the German Abwehr intelligence operations against Britain.

The ‘double crosses’ went further as they paved the way for D-Day and reduced casualties on the beaches by convincing Hitler that the Allies would land in Pas de Calais and not Normandy.

This lecture will focus on four ‘turned’ agents – one who worked for money; one for ideology; one who was compromised and one who worked for the excitement. He will explain how the system worked and why it was so successful.

Tricycle, ZigZag, Treasure and Garbo will be featured. And we might touch on Mincemeat!


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