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Chinook Crew 'Chick'

Hear Liz McConaghy's insightful and personal perspective on war. Liz was the longest serving female crewman on the Royal Air Force Chinook Fleet spanning a 17 year career flying on the aircraft. She was also the youngest aircrew to deploy to Iraq aged just 21 and the only female crewman on the Chinook wing for 4 years. Her career saw her amass 2 deployments to Iraq and 10 deployments to Helmand Afghanistan in support of Operation HERRICK.

From dodging bullets to saving soldiers and witnessing the brutality and loss of war she found herself bringing the battlefield home, despite her fighting days being over. These memories eventually caught up with her years later in spectacular fashion, leading to her trying to take her own life to quieten her mind and find peace. She survived and her story concludes offering hope to those who have also found themselves in the darkest of places, if you look hard enough you can find the tools within you to begin to rebuild your pathway to a new life.

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