School visits

The Museum of Army Flying’s Education Programme provides a unique learning opportunity for pupils of all ages to enjoy outside their classroom.

For example, through the Museum pupils can:

  • Learn about life on the Home Front
  • Explore the artefacts in our handling collection
  • Gain a unique insight into aspects of World War II and D Day in particular
  • Use the collection as a focus for exploring and testing both science, and design and technology principles.

The facilities lend themselves to learning in many areas of the curriculum, including:

  • History
  • Science
  • Design and Technology
  • Literacy
  • Art and Design

Bespoke or ‘off-the-peg’ learning

We offer all groups the opportunity to use the Museum in a way that works best for them. Whether your interest is in History or Mathematics, Heroes or Transport, we will happily work to develop specific learning opportunities for your group and topic.

However, many of our visitors like to use our tried and tested workshops. The most popular programme is our History and Literacy day, which consists of interactive sessions linked to the History unit: What Was It Like For Children in the Second World War?

These are organised by the Museum’s Education Unit, and usually include a combination of sessions using the expertise of Museum staff with other elements led by from adults from your school. A typical workshop may include:

  • 1940s House: explore that Evacuee Experience and how people lived during the 1940s. (Teacher led)
  • Handling collection: experiencing things first hand, by trying on and holding a specially chosen selection of museum artefacts relating to the theme ‘How did people protect themselves during WWII?’ (Education Officer led)
  • Propaganda poster trail: Literacy/History session using WWII posters displayed around the Museum. (Teacher led)

Each session lasts approximately 40 mins.

History workshop timetable (example)

Our timetables are always flexible and can be developed according to the needs of individual schools or groups. If you are able to get here earlier, we are able to start earlier – and finish later if you choose. Many alternative sessions are available for the day, and we like to arrange things according to your wishes. However, a typical day for a single class may well be organised along the following lines:

10:00 Introduction / health and safety
10.10 Short film explaining the role of the current Army Air Corps, followed by Museum tour including activities for the children to participate in
11:00 Session 1 – Children divide into groups:
Explore the 1940s House / Discover the handling collection / Complete the Propaganda trail
11:40 Session 2
12:20 Lunch
13:00 Session 3
13:40 Free time / sketching / drama activity / other activity
14:20 Plenary and depart

If you are from a larger school the timetable can easily be adapted to take groups with as many as three classes (around 90 children) at a time.



Whatever your topic, we always welcome visits from teachers. If you think that you may be able to use the Museum to help with work you are engaged with at school, please get in touch with our Education Officer on who will be able to arrange a personalised visit for you to explore the opportunities and possibilities that the Museum of Army Flying may have.

The children had a great day and came back full of enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you to you and your staff for the organisation and smooth running of the day. It fitted really well with our curriculum so I am sure we will come again next year.

Lauren Bathe, Year 6 class teacher