Mike Peters presents

Sicily - A Catastrophic Victory?

Tuesday 12th July - Join us live in the Museum or watch online

To coincide with the anniversary of Operation Ladbroke on the 9th July, join Mike Peters in the Museum and online has he lifts the veil on the first large scale British use of gliders in action. This occurred in July 1943 as a key part of Operation HUSKY, the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Sicily from bases in North Africa.  Flying in large numbers of troops by night over sea against a well trained enemy would be a challenge at any time. But, as the Mike Peters reveals, the newly formed airlanding forces and the pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment woefully lacked the necessary training and experience. The result was little short of a total disaster with over 300 men drowned and few troops landing successfully enough to carry out their missions.  Thanks to shining examples of collective and individual heroism by survivors, a total catastrophe was averted. The successes and failures of this overly ambitious venture will make for a fascinating insight of classic military history.

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