Lockdown Lecture

Road to Colditz

Available to view now - just click on the link below.

We are delighted to partner with The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum to bring you this Lockdown Lecture.

Hear the story of two prisoners of war, Tony Rolt and John Hamilton-Baillie, captured during the Fall of France in 1940 who, after several escape attempts, found themselves at Colditz - the infamous castle reserved for those prisoners identified as serial escapers, the most troublesome to the Nazis.

The two escapees’ sons, Stuart Rolt and Thomas Hamilton-Baillie, tell of their fathers’ hair-raising wartime experiences as prisoners of war in Germany throughout World War 2. This online talk features an in-depth look at the planning of real escape attempts, the risks escapees ran, the penalties for failure, the privations they suffered, and what imprisonment at Colditz was really like.

The lecture was first broadcast on Tuesday 23rd November and followed by a live Q&A. It is now available for catch up viewing below.

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