Major George Bacon MBE

George joined the RAF in 1975 and trained initially on Bulldogs and JP3s, winning the Sword of Merit. After qualifying as an Officer, he was streamed for fast jet training and moved on to the Jet Provost Mk3a. Unfortunately, he was grounded for medical reasons after an air incident and medically discharged from the RAF. Whilst grounded he returned to his long-standing enthusiasm for broadcasting and developed a career as a presenter.

Fortunately, George enjoyed a full recovery from the problems that had caused his grounding. After a spell as an Education Officer in the Army, was declared fit for flying and selected again for aircrew training, this time with the Army Air Corps. He was awarded his wings in 1981. He served in flying roles, including photo reconnaissance and surveillance in various European theatres, the Gulf and Canada, where he also qualified on both float and ski planes, becoming a specialist in manned airborne surveillance projects around the globe and consultant to the wider defence Industry.

George moved to the Army Air Corps Aviation Standards Branch and subsequently became their Air Displays Manager, with responsibilities for the 'Blue Eagles' and the Army Historic Aircraft Flight. As well as a TA reserve pilot, he was also Head of Recruiting, Pilot Selection and Displays for the AAC and a Civil Aviation Authority Air Accident Investigator. He remains CEO of the British Air Display Association, Chairman of Army’s Historic Flight Charitable Trust, historic aircraft display pilot, Flying Display Director, an active Ambassador for Aerobility and a broadcaster and airshow commentator.