Brigadier (Retd) Nick Knudsen

Brigadier (Retd) Nick Knudsen retired in 2008 after the successful delivery and fielding of the Apache and closed the production contract with an underspend of £100M! His last years of service were running the Attack Helicopter Programme and fielding it 4 years ahead of schedule on operations in Afghanistan. During this time, the support and procurement organisations in Defence cascaded from single service led to DE&S resulting in wider challenges for all; he assumed the additional roles of the Head of Defence Helicopter Engineering and Safety Policy, Commanding Officer of Aircraft Branch REME and Principal Aircraft Engineer of the Army. Prior to this he was Head of Engineering and Logistics in Joint Helicopter Command where he mounted the Air Assault of Iraq in Gulf War 2. He has extensive aviation experience having been the Engineering Authority for all Anglo-French Helicopters (Puma, Lynx and Gazelle), Commanded 71 Aircraft Workshop REME where elements deployed in support of Gulf War 1, and served in both the Far East and Germany in Aircraft Engineering appointments.