Norman Parker Introduces

The Secret Spitfires

11am Wednesday 26th July

In Salisbury, Trowbridge, Reading and Southampton; sheds, workshops, garages, bus depots, local hotels, even bedrooms were used to manufacture and then assemble complete Spitfires during World War Two. Mainly unqualified young girls and women along with elderly men, young boys and a handful of engineers worked in secret factories to build thousands of Spitfires during the war. This fascinating story is told in The Secret Spitfires film which we will be showing in our Conference room, located underneath our Apache Café, on Wednesday 26th July at 11am.

The Secret Spitfires film will be introduced by Norman Parker. Now in his 90’s, Norman was an engineer in the final assembly plant and today is a highly respected historian on the subject. Norman will take questions afterwards.