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Burning Horizon

7pm Tuesday 13th June

Codenamed Operation TELIC, the British component of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the largest gathering of British troops since the Second World War. While much has been said about the controversial background to the Operation, not enough has been heard from those men and women that took part in Operation Telic. Polarised public opinion and the post-war media portrayal of the war has detracted from what was achieved by these forces, when tasked to do so, often with insufficient or inadequate resources.

Join Julian Whippy at 7pm on Tuesday 13th June for 'Burning Horizon' to hear stories of courage, fortitude, pride, and camaraderie amidst the harsh realities of modern asymmetric warfare. The event will be hosted by George Bacon and there will be the opportunity to buy a glass of wine or a soft drink beforehand.

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