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Best Fighter Debate

7pm Monday 15th April

It is the everlasting debate!  Which was the best fighter of the Battle of Britain? Could it be the Spitfire, the Messerschmitt Bf 109 or possibly even the Hurricane?  Join Historians Paul Beaver and Phoebe Style as they give their reasoned views during a debate at the Army Flying Museum – and who knows, they might even touch on the Bf 110 and Defiant as well!

Join Paul and Phoebe in the Museum at 7pm on Monday 15th April. There will be the opportunity to buy a glass of wine or soft drink beforehand.

If you are unable to be there on the night, buy an online pass to watch live and join in the Q&A, or watch on catch up afterwards. Simply select a session - this is a requirement of our online ticketing system, but it doesn't matter which session you select because you will be able to watch the lecture at any time from 7pm on Monday 15th April. You will be sent a link to the page where you'll be able to view the lecture.

The content of the debate will be based on the research and views of the guest speakers.

The Museum is an independent charity and all proceeds from this event go towards supporting the work we do in preserving the history of British Army aviation.