Welcome to Wallop Wheels and Wings. 

We hope you will find all the information you need for the day in the Instructions and Terms and Conditions attached in the link below.  

Please do get in touch if you need any information that we have not covered.  

We are here to help: corporate@armyflying.com

On the day your contact will be Kimberley Matthews on 01264 781086 and Kimberley can help you with any concerns.

Strict compliance with the Terms and Conditions is a condition of the contract of the hire of stall space at the event. It is essential that all stallholders cooperate and play their part in ensuring that the event is profitable, enjoyable and safe for everyone. 


Address and Arrival:

The address is the Army Flying Museum, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, SO20 8FB. Entry is via the Army Flying Museum gates, on the A343. 

The Traders entry point will NOT be signed so please head for the Museum. On arrival please follow the instructions given by the Stewards. All Traders will have a parking space behind the stall for your vehicle. 

Please ensure you bring the photo ID you used to register on our web site – as this is MOD property, security checks may be in place.

On arrival you will be issued with a lanyard which we would ask you wear when on site. This will give the emergency number to call if you need to report an issue.

See also map below.

Set up time:

You may enter the Event premises for the purpose of erecting, installing and preparing his exhibits at 0630 onwards on 3 July.

All stands must be completed and ready by 0845 hours.

Stands can begin to close up at 1745.

Please note the public will be on site until 1930, please pack up and leave the site carefully.

Stall holders must set up, close down, load and unload strictly within the above specified times. 


Passes worn on lanyards must be visible at all times by Traders and presented on demand. Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Control Centre or call Kimberley on 01264 781086.

Health & Safety: 

All personnel entering the event premises must comply with all current health and safety legislation.

High Vis vests should be worn during the build phase in the morning, and during breakdown after 1745.

Risk Assessments should be available in request by the event staff. Any activity deemed unsafe will be stopped by the Operations team. Any certificates should be available on request by the Event Safety Officer.

Traders brining in their own electrical equipment will need to send a current PAT certificate to organisers before the event.

Traders offering food samples will need to send a copy of their HACCP document to organisers before the event.

Pets are not permitted on site.

Please ensure you do not let items fly off your stand and do not drop litter. The event is taking place on an airfield and such items may cause accidents.


In a life threatening emergency call 999.

Our onsite medical team can then provide immediate help - contact them on 07852 153 642.

For all non-life threatening medical situations please see the team at their First Aid point right next to the control centre by the Museum. 


  • The event is being run compliant to COVID restrictions. Please ensure you follow Covid rules for distancing, queuing, sanitising of equipment etc...
  • Each trader will be provided with space for their own 3x3m gazebo - this will ensure 2m distancing from neighbouring traders and the public.
  • Gazebos will be positioned to create as much space as possible to enable the public to queue at 2m safe distances and freedom of movement maintaining 2m distancing.
  • There will be a one-way system in operation again to facilitate 2m distancing 
  • Traders must use the space within the gazebo to ensure 2m distancing from neighbours and public.
  • All traders must have completed their own COVID risk assessment and have it available on the day.
  • Each trader to produce a sign asking people not to touch goods unless buying.
  • All traders must have adequate hand washing/sanitizing, disinfectant spray (foodsafe for food products BS EN 1276 or 13697)
  • Contactless card payments are the suggested preferred method of taking payments
  • All surfaces that can be touched by the public to be cleaned regularly.

Covid Secure General Measures

  • If you are feeling unwell please do not attend
  • Traders and staff who smoke must do this a reasonable distance away from their stall (ideally out of site of the public) with hand sanitising protocols followed immediately after.
  • Traders must maintain social distancing guidelines wherever possible.

Thank you for adhering to this instructions, we are really looking forward to having you at the show and hope it will be a success for all!