Information for Traders

We hope you will find all the information you need for the day in these Instructions and in the Terms & Conditions, which you'll find by clicking on the link below.  

Please do get in touch if you need any information that we have not covered. You can contact Hannah Grigson by email at: or by telephone on: 01264 883795.

Strict compliance with the Terms and Conditions is a condition of the contract of the hire of stall space at this event - you can read the Terms & Conditions HERE

Address and Arrival:

The address is the Army Flying Museum, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, SO20 8FB. Entry is via the Army Flying Museum gates, on the A343. 

Set up time:

You may enter the Museum premises for the purpose of erecting, installing and preparing exhibits at 0730 onwards on Sunday 21st November 2021.

All stands must be completed and ready by 1000 hours.

Stands can begin to close up at 1500.

Please note the public will be on site until 1630, please pack up and leave the site carefully.

Stall holders must set up, close down, load and unload strictly within the above specified times. 

Health & Safety: 

All personnel entering the event premises must comply with all current health and safety legislation.

Traders brining in their own electrical equipment are asked to bring a current PAT certificate with them to the event.

It is essential that all stallholders cooperate and play their part in ensuring that the event is enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Thank you for adhering to this instructions, we are really looking forward to having you at the show and hope it will be a success for all!