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As well as cataloguing and caring for our archival collection, we also offer some paid-for public services which you can enquire about below. These services include an enquiry service, research visits, a transcription service, and a digitisation service. We charge for all the services listed below.

Archive Enquiry Service

The Archive team at the Museum offers an enquiry service for anyone requesting information from the Museum collection. Due to the high volume of requests and the amount of time required to answer queries to the best of our abilities, we are forced to charge a enquiry fee of £25 per enquiry.

Before contacting us with your enquiry, please take a moment to read these enquiry guidelines*

Research Visits

If you would like to visit the Archive and view material we hold for your research then you are welcome to enquire about a research visit. Due to the time it takes and the manpower required for research visits, we charge a research visit fee of £25 per visit.

Transcription Service

Do you have a document, such as a service record but you cannot make out the handwriting, or do not understand the military acronyms being used? If so, then get in contact with our Archive who will be able to help to the best of their ability in transcribing and deciphering documents. You will receive a typed transcript of the document, with acronyms explained.

Digitisation Service

Another service offered by the Archive team is the digitisation of your precious documents and photographs. This includes slides, negatives, and maps, although we may not be able to digitise larger maps and documents.

Digitising is an important and useful process, as digital documents can reach a wider audience and a lot of the time it is easier to view digital photographs and slides. Furthermore, making a digital copy can protect the original and if the original were ever lost or destroyed there would still be a copy of it.

Digitising prices vary depending on the amount of items to be digitised and the number of copies requested, as well as what specialist equipment is used.


The Archives are all kept within the museum building and research enquiries and visits of all types are welcomed. However prior notice of a visit is essential so that a date/time for visiting can be agreed and the required material obtained in advance of arrival. This is best arranged and discussed with the Archivist on or 01264 781086.


*Published materials are exempt from these regulations.