D-Day, Arnhem and the Rhine- A Glider Pilot's Memoir


Foot soldiers, commandos, parachutists, naval seamen, bomber and fighter pilots - their varied personal experiences of the Second World War have been widely recounted, and the parts they played in the conflict are well known. But there are specialized wartime roles that have received very little attention, notably the gallant actions of the men of the Glider Pilot Regiment. That is why Robert Ashby's rare and vivid pilot's memoir is so valuable. In it he offers a fascinating insight not only into the major operations he took part in - including D-Day, Arnhem and the Rhine crossing - but into the exacting flying skills required to carry out perilous glider landings on enemy territory while under fire. His account of his hair-raising training, together with his pen-portraits of his comrades and officers, takes the reader inside the world of a citizen soldier'. The glider landings at Arnhem and the intense fighting that followed are the climax of his narrative, offering us a remarkable insight into one of the most controversial Allied disasters of the entire war.