Welcome to Wallop Wheels and Wings' Pilots' information page

Here are a few hints and tips to help you plan your day, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Timings for landing slots and other information will be issued 2 weeks before the event. 

On arrival you will be met by a host and shown to Crew Reporting so that you can sign in. You will then be welcome to attend the Aviator’s Enclosure which will be in the Museum building, accessible via the side entrance underneath the cafe. Garmin will be holding presentations about the future aviation technology throughout the day and Pooleys will have their pop-up shop there too.

Your lunch bags will be available to pick up from the Enclosure at 1200 onwards. 


If you see anyone acting suspiciously or an unattended bag, please report to it to any of the Staff/Volunteers, the Marshallers, or to the Information Point just by the airfield gates leading to the Museum

MOD Insurance:

The MOD is waving the landing fee however please could you ensure you pay the £10 for the insurance fee on arrival in the Threshold Aero Crew Reporting tent.

Aircraft Security:

Your aircraft will need to be fully insured and in the event of an accident the organisers will accept no liability or claims.

Your aircraft and contents are left on the Airfield at the owner’s risk, the organisers do not accept liability for theft or damage.

By attending the event you acknowledge the following: 

 'I acknowledge that the Organiser does not provide insurance on my behalf and I confirm that I have obtained all necessary insurance covers for my participation in the Event including without limitation, cancellation, public liability and employee liability insurance against personal injury, death and damage to or loss of property, and fully comprehensive insurance suitable for participation in an event of this kind"


If you need any assistance please speak to the hosts in the Aviator’s Enclosure, or the Marshallers at the Threshold Aero tent on the airfield 


In case of a medical emergency please dial 999 then inform the First Aid point at the Control Centre at located at the gate leading to the airfield. They can provide immediate on-site help.

Summary of Timings:

0800-1130 Event Aircraft fly in

0800 Early Bird Ticket holders arrive

0800 Enthusiasts Photo Pen open on airfield

0930 Public Gates open

1130-1530 Airfield closed to flying

12.00 to 15.00 Fly pasts by service aircraft

1300 W3 Vehicle Engine Roar

1400 Vehicle Concour D’Elegance

1530 Airfield active/fly out begins

18.00 Airfield closes

18.30 Balloon accent (weather permitting) 

1930 Bar closes



By attending the event the Exhibitor agrees that the Organisers may record, broadcast or take photographs or video of the exhibit and exhibit personnel as part of the recording or broadcasting of the Event in general for any promotional use by the Organisers.


  • This event has been designed to be COVID compliant, set outdoors within plenty of space, with a reduced visitor attendance number and socially distanced queuing systems in place.
  • All visitors and exhibitors are requested to follow the latest Government Guidelines
  • Face masks are recommended especially when approaching food and drink units and walking around in the Village. As a courtesy, please wear your masks if viewing vehicle or aircraft interiors.