Poetry Project

Remembrance: Their Stories

We invited people to be inspired by our stories! Below are a selection of moving poems prepared using our online exhibitions as inspiration. The poems will be on display in the Museum from 9 November until the end of the year. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the project over the last few months, we received over 50 poems from participants across the UK as well as the USA. Due to the number of works received, we have displayed the majority in the Museum as part of a poppy display under our Islander, a selection of works are also available to view in our community display case in our Apache Café.

A number of participants met online to share and recite their works to each other including a participant who lives in the USA.

A selection of works are available to view and hear below.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part. 

Market Garden by Stephanie Leigh (Inspired by Operation Market Garden)

'Coffee Laced with Run' by Cassie Hill (Inspired by Operation Market Garden)

'Videmus Delemus' by Estelle Phillips (Inspired by Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp and 658 Air Observation Post Squadron)

‘Korean Obs’ by Lee Smith (Inspired by Army Flying During the Korean War)

Operation Market Garden by Gina Ashley-Bennett (Inspired by Operation Market Garden)

'Over the Top' by George Valler

'Heroes to the End' by Francesca Tyer

'For the Love of your Country' by Joanne Bierman

'Seven Young Men' by Mike Pickering

'Bluebells' by Samantha Tully

'Alfred went to War' by Clark Cook which has been inspired by Dr. Alfred James Cook, served with the Canadian Forces in England and France 1914 - 1917