Welcome to the Wallop Wheels and Wings Bikers’ page.  We hope you will find all the information you need for the day and  please get in touch if you need any information, we have not covered.  We are here to help: event.manager@armyflying.com

On the day there will be a dedicated Bikers' host on site who will be on hand to help you with any questions and issues, and he will be available on 07974017165. Until then, please use the email above.

 Firstly, thank you so much for registering and for supporting the event! We are working hard to make it a great day for everyone.

 What to bring:


Don’t forget to bring the passport/ID you used to register.

Anyone not able to produce an ID will have to use the Public car park and gain access to the site through the public ticket lane.



You will receive a car pass with a stick-on holder in the post, please be ready to stick this on when you arrive at the security check area and display it once you are through Security. It will stick to a windscreen, a headlight, a fuel tank…

If you forget your car pass we will not be able to let you in to the Paddocks.  Copies will not be available. Your pass indicates the row number you will be parking in, please follow the Stewards instructions.


Wrist Bands: 

You will receive these in the post, please be ready to present them at the security, check and wear them once on site. If you have forgotten your wristband you will be directed to the public car park where you can purchase one.


Additional passengers:

Additional passengers to those on your ticket will need to be dropped off at the public car park and will need to buy a ticket and gain access to the site through the public ticket lane.



Event Address:

The event is taking place at Middle Wallop Airfield, Middle Wallop near Stockbridge Hampshire on Saturday 3 July 2021.

Please enter through the Army Flying Museum gate – at postcode SO20 8FB - DO NOT follow signs for Vehicle Paddocks.

The gate will be open for motorcycles BETWEEN 0800 and 0830. The site build is quite complex so we ask you to come during this time please


 Opening Time: come for breakfast! 

The Paddock Breakfast Club catering units will be selling quality coffee, delicious bacon and sausage rolls as well as pastries from 0800.

The curated aircraft collection will be flying in between 0800-1130, with a pair of spitfires arriving at 0815 - so there will be plenty to watch too. 

Please try and arrive early so that we avoid a last-minute rush through the security checks.

If you arrive after 0830 please park in the public car park.


Speed Limit:

The limit on the Camp and the airfield is 10MPH for motorbikes.


Paddock parking:

We will do our best to park you with your club. Please follow the directions given by the Stewards. 


Trailer Parking:

Once you have unloaded your trailers please follow the directions given by the Stewards. The trailer parking is at the far end of the Paddocks past the control tower.


Airfield Danger Area:

The Paddocks are situated on a live airfield, with the event aircraft flying in from 0800 till 1130. Please DO NOT CROSS the demarcation line between the Paddocks and the Airfield during this time

Between 1130 -1530 the airfield will close and everyone will be free to walk around to view the aircraft.

 At 1530 everyone will  be asked to move back behind the demarcation line.



Please do not drop litter as this is a danger to aircraft.  


Drip Trays:

If there is a possibility your motorcycle may leak oil please bring a Drip Tray. We have a limited number available on site for those that need one so please let us know in advance if this is the case – we already have some requests, thank you.



Please collect a bike kickplate stand from the Stewards if you need one



If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please report to it to any of the Staff/Volunteers, your Biker's Host (number above),  or to the Information Point just by the airfield gates leading to the Museum



Spectators are allowed into the Paddock area from 0930 - motorcycles must be left in a safe condition.



Exhibitors’ motorcycles must be fully insured and in the event of an accident the organisers will accept no liability or claims.

Motorcycles are left in the Paddock at the owner’s risk.

The organisers do not accept liability for any items left in or on motorcycles.

By attending the event you acknowledge the following: 

 I acknowledge that the Organiser does not provide insurance on my behalf and I confirm that I have obtained all necessary insurance covers for my participation in the Event including without limitation, cancellation, public liability and employee liability insurance against personal injury, death and damage to or loss of property, and fully comprehensive vehicle insurance suitable for participation in an event of this kind.



We are not able to offer camping facilities overnight sorry



If you need help starting your bike, or indeed with anything else, please come and find us at the Information Point. In case of an urgent query please speak to the Motorbike Liaison Geoffrey Godbold 07974017165 wo ill be in the Paddock with his Moto Guzzi.



In case of an emergency please dial 999 then inform the First Aid point at the Control Center at located at the gate leading to the airfield. They can provide immediate on-site help.


Movement of Motorbikes

Vehicles and Motorcycles are not permitted to leave the Paddock area other than to join an organised activity during the day or to depart through the exit gates once these are open at approximately 1545.

We request that you manoeuvre around the Paddocks very slowly as Visitors will still be amongst the cars at this time.



Please follow the Stewards’ directions for exit which may be different to your entry point.


Closing Time:

The Paddocks and the bar will be closing at 1930. 


Bike Cavalcade:

There may be change for the motorcycles to parade past the crowd line along the airfield taxiway. This is still to be confirmed, more details to follow on the web site nearer to the day.


Summary of Timings:

0800 The Paddocks Breakfast Club catering units opens

0830 Gates close to Motorbikes 

0800-1130 Event Aircraft fly in

0930 Public are allowed into the Paddock area.

1130-1530 Airfield closed to flying

1300 W3 Engine Roar

1430 Grand Prize Draw 

1530 Airfield active

1545 Paddock exit opens

1930 Bar closes

1945 Paddock exit gates close 



By attending the event the Exhibitor agrees that the Organisers may record, broadcast or take photographs or video of the exhibit and exhibit personnel as part of the recording or broadcasting of the Event in general for any promotional use by the Organisers.



  • This event has been designed to be COVID compliant, set outdoors within plenty of space, with a reduced visitor attendance number and socially distanced queuing systems in place.
  • All visitors and exhibitors are requested to follow the latest Government Guidelines
  • Face masks  are recommended especially when approaching food and drink units and walking around in the Village. As a courtesy, please wear your masks if viewing vehicle interiors.